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Raymond Torregano, 
Hairstylist, Salon Owner, Educator & Mentor

His slogan is:
Better hairdressers
Better salons
Better lives

Raymond Torregano has become one of the popular hairstylists amongst his comrades because of his real approach and wanting to see others produce better results because of consistency and better standards.  There are huge numbers of other stylists who follow his guidance on social media and now have become a part of the 'Torregano Tribe' (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Periscope). 

Britt Seva,

Social Media & Marketing Strategist for Hairstylists

95% of licensed cosmetologists will leave the industry less than 5 years after being licensed. Of the remaining 5% who continue working in salons and spas, only 20% will ever make enough money to retire and live comfortably. My mission is to change that.

Flourish Salon Business Development was created to help hairstylists, salon owners and beauty professionals easily create a successful marketing strategy. I've seen the most beautiful salons and most talented stylists shutting down business because they are lacking in the marketing department. Successful corporations have whole teams of people dedicated to marketing full time. Unfortunately, most salons or individuals can't afford to hire a marketing team so I wanted to make salon marketing easy, affordable and attainable for every salon at every budget.

My goal is to help you build the business of your dreams by making your marketing strategies simple and effective. I share with you everything I've learned in the industry about building your clientele quickly, increasing your income and improving the experience for your clients. My blog is dedicated to sharing simplified formulation and business building techniques that any stylist on any budget can apply to their business.

Even the busiest stylist or business owner can have a gorgeous, structured marketing plan on a minimal budget with limited free time. You just need a plan and I'm here to provide you with that plan. Flourishing professionals stop surviving, start thriving and enjoy all of the benefits this amazing industry has to offer.

Season Bennett,
The Social Barber

My name is Season Bennett. I am certified social media strategist and I also own a barber shop. I show barbers and hairstylists how to make a living doing what they love. I wrote The Social Barber as a how to social media marketing guide for barbers and stylists. 

Destiny Cox,
Hairstylist, Platform Artist, Educator, Author, Mentor

Destiny Cox is the truth!  She has not only graced the stages but has also taught classes at the most known tradeshows like Bronner Brothers, Premiere Orlando, IBS Las Vegas, and MegaFest.  She is on a mission to spread authentic education and travels nationwide and has also been requested as far away as San Juan, Puerto Rico.

She has her own training academy, Destiny Cox International Academy or DCI Academy.  She's an author of multiple books that advance the skill set of haircoloring and beauty industry business. She is a platform artist for national beauty brands and she has even created her own product line!

Destiny is extremely loving and humble as her faith as a Christian leader is evident in everything she does!

Carla Jones,

Bankable Business Strategist

She is a specialist in the areas of salon and barber business operations, growth strategies, branding, digital and social media marketing, professional development for industry practitioners. 

Dr. Yolanda Lenzy,
The ONLY Board Certified Dermatologist who also has a Cosmetology license!

She's a partner of the North American Hair Research Society. 
She's a hair growth expert who specializes in hair loss. She is all about evidence solutions so she continuously studies (comparing prevention and placebo). Her goal is not only to help her clients achieve their skin and hair goals but to also assist professionals in providing solution services for their guests as well.  With the boom of haircolors that push the limits and traction alopecia for extensive extension services, we as professionals have to equip ourselves with the proper knowledge of providing REAL solutions to take care of our guests (vs masking mistakes). Dr. Yolanda will be a phenomenal resource.

Tongela Curry,
Hairstylist, Salon Owner, Educator/Mentor, Consultant & Author

As a hairstylist, salon owner and eductor, she has had the unique opportunity to network nationwide and witness struggling as well as successful beauty industry professionals.  Public speaking comes natural as she has speaking engagements throughout the years to beauty/barber school students who get the chance to pick the brain of someone who's already crossed the bridge. Tongela enjoys seeking out additional educational opportunities but realized that there was still a great need for authentic education that wasn't focused on sales quotas or celebrity stylists.  She desired advancement without social distractions so she founded the "Everyone Needs a Naomi" project in hopes of linking up with other mentors who were spreading love.  Oddly enough, those that she reached out to were just as eager to network so she pushed everything aside and created the Beauty Industry Summer Camp.

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