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Tongela Curry's Academy presents:

Everyone Needs A Naomi platform

Beauty Industry Summer Camp



This is an empowering social project that uses tools for career trajectory to assist in increasing productivity, visibility, positioning and overall career development through trainings, motivation, and accountability with a genuine supportive approach! It's in UNION that we can get things done! It will be together that we take our industry, authority, purpose and power back! Let's come together for a real change...a real legacy!


 Join our social community with other professionals who've already committed to bridge the gap in the industry by providing education, support, and mentoring. Get ready for YOUR greatness this summer! Look forward to career-enhancing newsletters, webinars, live interviews with some amazing industry influencers/mentors, virtual meet-ups, exclusive Facebook group, mentoring and SO much more!!!


Summer Camp dates: June 20-Aug 15 (8 weeks)! Going on vacation? No problem. All info will be released with a schedule that will be included in the welcome packet (June 13th) after payment has been received. 


Enjoy fun "field trips." Here's a sneak peek:

Dodgeball: Finding your salon tribe. 

Scavenger Hunt: Where are the mentors? Group activity to research trailblazers.

The Great Campout: Nighttime virtual panel discussion  (pre-vote on hot topics)

The numbers game: #s don't lie. Let's develop a plan for ROI.

The magic show: Stop looking for miracles. Let's make magic. 

Welding class: Iron sharpens iron...share your gift to help others. 

The Vault: additional paid opportunities from mentors.

Each week, you will experience live interviews with mentors where they will share their successes and failures for you to learn from and there will be live Q&A.  There will also be virtual meetups where we will discuss industry hot topics like:

commission vs booth rental

finding the right salon

goal setting for profits

branding in a saturated market



service deposits

the lost art of customer service

ticket building w/o selling

balance: personal life, family & career

building a tream

overcoming fear/building confidence

referral programs



buying power: credit building/repair


Remember, what happens at the "Beauty Industry Summer Camp 2016," stays at the Summer Camp so spread the word so your comrades won't miss out. 


Let's hang out! Experience a lifetime of fun in one endless summer. Register today!


Registration only $197 if paid by June 20th (50% promo)...the first day of summer. $394 Regular price. 

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