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The Biography of Tongela Curry

    Born and raised in Arkansas, Tongela is a licensed cosmetologist who believes that life should be a cultural experience driven by passion and healthy relationships. She is a free spirited person who has a strong passion for creating exotic looks through hairstyles and makeup. She is a fun young lady that is known to have many looks because she likes to try new things and is never afraid to do things in her own way.


     Tongela is a U.S. Army veteran who proudly served on active duty for four years immediately following high school. She has extensive experience in managing people and businesses. Professional Accounting is something that comes natural to her as she loves to organize things and to make sure order and balance is always maintained. However; after 5 years of working in accounting, she decided to seek a new career where she could exert all of her inner creativity by becoming a licensed cosmetologist. 


    She started as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist in 2005 and in 2009 she graduated top of her class while attending Arkansas Beauty School (where she enhanced the trade skills needed for success). She LOVES to create hairstyles and always finds new and improved ways to do things. Her dream was to win awards as a platform artist; she has participated in the American Hair Idol Battle, The Fist Full of Showstoppers, Hair Invasion and she was one of the key hairstylists for the 2010 Little Rock Fashion Week and the 2014 Designers’ Choice Fashion Preview. Now, she is dedicated to educating her clients, her staff, as well as others in the beauty industry.  She has one of the only salons in Arkansas that vowed to educate the masses by hosting classes that included local educators as well as celebrity stylists (Terrence Davidson & Derrick J.) and national educators like Patric Bradley and Kevin Kirk.  This career is her life; she loves dealing with people and believes that everyone deserves a personal stylist. In Spring 2011, while balancing her career and family, she committed and received her Bachelor’s degree in Small Business Management (Entrepreneurship Emphasis) from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Struggling to find a place to express her creativity in a supportive environment that encouraged growth, she wrote out her vision then turned her business plan into a reality which became The Diamond Salon established in 2012.


    She stands out as more than your average hairstylists as she loves to research the chemistry of hair….down to the products used to give the best results.  She has already dedicated 2015 to rebrand herself as a business consultant and hair concierge since she wishes to fulfill the demand for a diverse educator locally and abroad.  Tongela is a trusted stylist in Arkansas and frequently gets asked hair questions from potential clients as well as other stylists.  To keep the dialogue interactive, she created and manages her personal as well as salon’s website, social media accounts, and mobile app. In 2014, her passion to help others in her industry caught the attention of TWO international brands that both invited her to train as an educator.  She is now the ONLY Educator for Design Essentials in the state of Arkansas.  Not long after becoming a Certified Master Hair Colorist, she became the ONLY Brand Specialist and Artistic Educator in Arkansas for Pravana (the fastest growing hair color line in the nation).  Tongela is a refreshing professional that has a goal of sharing her talents with the world and to encourage all who have passion.  For more details on Ms. Curry, use the information listed below.


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