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A social project that bridges the gap of beauty industry professionals by provinding education, support and mentoring.

Who is Naomi?

In the Bible, Naomi was a well-known, beautiful and pleasant Hebrew woman whose life was drastically changed by a famine that exposed her to poverty and affliction causing her family to relocate in search of more.  Her husband and two sons died which left her near destitute.  She returns to her native land joined by her daughter-in-law, Ruth (who was a foreigner from a despised land of idolaters). The two formed a bond of pure rehabilitation. It is said that Naomi has such an innate nobility of character that she immediately elicits from us our most sincere sympathy.  The book of Ruth depicts the struggles of Naomi and Ruth for survival in a patriarchal environment. Through Naomi's guidance, love, support and tender boldness, we saw Ruth lifted out of obscurity and poverty into a marriage with a godly man, Boaz, with benefits of wealth and status.  Through Naomi's efforts and unique devotion, Ruth becomes one of the most well-known female figures in the bible.  We all need a NAOMI! Naomi teaches us how to:


  1. Follow your instincts when you’re in an environment where your heart doesn’t belong.

  2. Sustain being uprooted.

  3. Endure a broken heart and survive a season of loss.

  4. Sacrifice for a legacy.

  5. Be sincere in your faith.

  6. Use the power of connections.

  7. Overcome circumstances to survive God’s journey for us. 

  8. Be strategic for the advancement of others.

  9. Empower others (even those with different beliefs).

  10. Restore and renew dreams.

My "Naomi" story

I have always been a big dream chaser who believes in sacrificing for what you want in life.  While brainstorming for my personal brand in 2015, I realized that I had a unique background and position to help others advance in their careers based on my life’s experiences and education.  My military background taught me survival skills as well as how to strategize and adapt to demanding environments. My Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship Bachelor’s degree and accounting career equipped me with advanced managerial skills to develop, organize and execute business plans and daily operations. In 2012, I opened my first business out of necessity for wanting to provide an experience that wasn’t being offered in a saturated beauty industry (opportunity, growth, education and genuine support).  My goal has always been to empower others to chase their dreams of being ABOVE average. In an ever-evolving, socially motivated society, what I felt was missing was an authentic platform that would bridge other dream chasers with those who’re accomplished and successful. We’ve all witnessed the rise or “educators” but I wanted to create a platform for professionals who were a part of the underserved demographic (those looking for advanced education in a non-competitive environment who wished to network with genuine professionals who were willing to share their journeys.  I’ve met others like me who crave knowledge but who are also turned off by educators with “one trick,” who are selling vs educating, and who don’t get distracted by the smoke and mirror tricks of low quality products/classes passed off as premium “gotta have” items/events because of the name associated.  I have kept a journal of my journey and in consolidating notebooks of content, I realized that I had a story to share…but the experience is beyond just ME so I reached out to a few phenomenal influencers who’ve agreed to be a part of a movement.  With their support, I knew it was time to create a venture which led to the birth of the “Everyone Needs A Naomi” project.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap of beauty industry professionals by providing education, support and mentoring. To empower dream chasing professionals in a saturated industry with top 10%ers who do what it takes for change!

Our Goal

To assist in increasing productivity, visibility, positioning and overall career development through trainings, motivation and accountability with a genuine supportive approach. 

What's in it for YOU?

We all go through struggles, why not network with others who wish for nothing more than seeing you accelerate in your career?  Joining the "Everyone Needs A Naomi" project puts you in position to continously learn and be in an environment to ask questions from ppl dedicated to help.  Each member will receive career enhancing emails and have the opportunity to participate in webinars (live or pre-recorded), interviews with social influencers, virtual meet-ups, networking events as well as group or private trainings.  To be a member of this movement, you must be willing to commit to a partnership (mindset) and free yourself from excuses!


If you are a "Naomi" and would like to be a part of this movement by supporting the program, donating your time, or becoming a mentor, we'd love to connect with you!  

How can YOU be a part of this movement?

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